Returning, Redux

Has it really been five years? Lately, I’ve been thinking about pursuing a PhD. I have a lot of big plans, but not a lot of spare time to accomplish them in, so it’s just thinking at this point.

Here are a few things I’ve done since November 2016; I’ve deleted my twitter and instagram accounts, so my memory will have to suffice.

  • I had a baby. She’s amazing and takes so much energy, but it’s effort well spent and getting to know this goofy, sweet, smart little one is — just like they all say — worth the sleepless nights and occasional tantrums.
  • I got promoted from librarian and worked as a library manager, supervising staff and library operations for about 2 years, until I remembered why I’d been happy to move on from my last job supervising staff. Now I write grant proposals and newsletters, manage member services and fundraising campaigns, and develop strategic plans and budgets. Numbers + writing: it’s my jam.
  • I bought a house. It’s a long story and I’m sure I’ll post something about it sometime.
  • I’m working on draft number I-don’t-know of the novella I finished a first draft of the last time I was here. It is only barely recognizable as the same story at this point, but it’s been fun getting to know these characters, and I’m not done with them yet.
  • I’ve eaten some good food in the last few years. I probably can’t remember all of it, but Petit Crenn, shortly before I gave birth, and Atelier Crenn COVID-takeout were memorable moments.

<dust> <dust> Now that we’re all caught up? The bricolagerie is back in business. Yet again…

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